XS SCOOTER 50cc - Rent-a-Scooter Can Picafort

XS Scooter 50cc

Our Prices

incl. VAT

1 Day € 49,00
2 Days € 95,00
3 Days € 138,00
add Day € 43,00

Driving licenses:
AM or B

Minimum drivers age
16 years

€ 300 cash or Creditcard

Technical specifications

Power: 3 hp – 4-stroke
Range: 250 km / 5,5l
max Speed: 45 km/h (28mph)
Scooter weight: 111kg
min age: 18
Driving licens riquired: AM or A or B
Important! This vehicle may only be used on roads. Driving on sidewalks or on the beach is not permitted!

SYMPHONY  50cc: Safely through the city

His home is the city. Its flat running board, slim silhouette and large 16″ wheels let you cruise comfortably through the city. Maneuverability, comfort, safety and economy play a central role in the SYMPHONY 50 Euro5 and ensure a great driving experience.S