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E-Scooter CityCoco GO

Our Prices

incl. VAT


2 hours € 29,00
4 hours € 39,00
1 Day (10h) incl. 2th battery € 54,00
2th battery € 10,00

Driving licenses:
AM/A2/A1/A or B

Minimum age
16 years – 18 years with passenger

€ 300 cash or Creditcard

Technical specifications

Power: 1,55 kW
Range: 50 km (1 Person 70kg)
max Speed: 45km/h (28mph)
max load 180kg (396 lbs)
Scooter weight: 60kg (132 lbs)
min age: 16
min age with passenger: 18
Driving licens riquired: AM or A2 or A1 or B
Important! This vehicle may only be used on roads. Driving on sidewalks or on the beach is not permitted!

CityCoco Go

It knows the New Version of CityCoco Go! Unlike the previous, has of a new frontal design with elegant colour cromado, a new type of digital marker more advanced, new class of double seat with hold backside, as well as it incorporates new baúl below east.

Besides, as in the previous version, has of a battery extraíble of 20Ah type case already integrated of manufacture and of a space in the inferior part where can add him optionally a second battery of 12, 15, 18 or 20Ah. This option have it available to select in the desplegable of the manually right web, and like this have of the double of autonomy and not to remain you in any moment without load, an excellent option if you need to reach long distances. You do not expect more and do you already with yours!

* This model  is Recognised by the Ministry Of Industry like Moped, carrying thus matrícula yellow of Moped, and being able to circulate like vehiculo of engine by streets, roads, etc.

For the conduccion of this vehiculo will be necessary to possess the Permission of Circulacion AM or the B. Can obtain from the 16 years of age in the DGT.

This model Recognised like Moped includes leading turn signals and backsides, short and long light, light of brake, light of posicion, light of enrol, claxon, mirrors retrovisones included. Unlike the model no Matriculable, this model includes some important changes demanded by the European rule to be able to classify it like a moped, as they are:

– Bateria Of Lithium of 60v and 20Ah of Big Autonomia, giving until the 50km of autonomia in independent laboratories.

– System of Iluminacion recognised. Short and Long light, Intermittent, light of Position, lights of Enrols.

– calibrated speedometer.

– Rear-view mirrors.

– Number of frame recorded in the chassis.

– Switch of turned off in the lateral support .

– Blockade of the Handlebar with key.

– Brakes of Leading disk and Backside.

– The Maximum speed by construction for a moped recognised is of 45km/h


You will loved when you test this big novelty of the hand of Big-Scooter, the CityCoco Last Mille EEC is a vehicle simply genial, ideal for the trips of your day in day out, even , this model matriculable will be able to it utlizar by roads and destined zones to vehicles of engine. You will be the king of the street!

This type of Vehiculos is the present, and undoubtedly, the park of Vehicles to Engine goes to be substituted by this type of vehicles electricos, the advantages are big:

– Maximo Save in consumption, will be able to do the 100km by less than 1eur of cost of electricity.

– Maintenance a lot but simple and easy. Forget you of filters, oils, together.

– Neither bad smells, neither stains of oil, neither repostajes in Gasolineras.

– Without annoying noises


His big wheels allow to the more beginners use them easily. Big stability to avoid unnecessary falls. CityCoco Last Mille, requires of very little maintenance in comparison with a vehicle of fuel; at all of petrol , filters, neither complex repairs and maintenance, only need recargarlo through the enchufe of your house or business.

The CityCoco Last Mille, is composed by an electrical engine in the wheel and a controller. These are the three key elements that will do to work this vehicle. Olvídesé Of the failures in the start, which will have very few or invalid probabilities to have. The CityCoco Last Mille, consists of a powerful engine, with a battery of lithium of high capacity, situated in a comoda case extraible with his lock that can carry to load home, to the work.. . However, it recommends not to use it in the puddles of water too important to avoid the deterioración of the same.

The power of the CityCoco Last Mille varies in function of the model chosen: This Version Recognised Like Moped has a power of 1.55KW Real in banks of proofs of external laboratories. Strength and power more than sobrada to load until 180kg and go up slopes with until 18% of Inclination. Besides, the bateria of 20Ah allows you do until 60km with each load.

The battery is done to base of lithium for a recarga fast, with a time of load of 4 to 8 hours.

The speed to which can arrive is of 45 km/h, more than sufficient for a vehicle of these characteristics. The big advantage that you will notice is the silence of the engine.

The big wheels of the CityCoco Last Mille, allow a stability of impressive driving with a risk reduced of fall. Can drive from the 16 years from now on and without limit of age! The product has been manufactured with technology of design 3D. It treats of an only product, modern and with a structure minimalista.

Besides it has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, offering him high quality and security in the purchase of this product.




Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of of the batteries and  conserve the manual with which accompanies the product, for future future references. Please, it respect the norms of traffic.


– Model: ES8004 (VII EEC)

– Engine: 1.55KW

– Battery: 20Ah

– Colour Guardabarros: To select in the available

– Colour Mark/Chassis: Black

– Maximum speed: 45 Km/h

– Autonomy by load: 50 Km

– Battery Extraible


** All the Batteries of Our Citycoco can load so much in the motorbike, as withdraw it and load it separately.



– Shock absorber Forward

– Claxon

– Double Shock absorber Rear Tyre

– Brakes of Leading disk/Backside

– Frontal light (short and long) /Rear of posicion and light of Brake.

– Intermittent Forwards and Backsides

– Odometer

– It does not include support for mobile telephone

– Maximum load: 180Kg

– Weight Scooter: 60Kg

– Dimensions: 1.85m of long x 1.02m of high x 74cm of width (of tip to tip of the handlebar)

– Time of Load: 4-8 Hours